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Photocare will produce stretched canvas d'cor prints of your family pictures, portraits, and wedding photos. We use high grade poly-cotton canvas printed with archival pigmented inks, and protected with a laminate, which enables cleaning to give you many years of enjoyment.


Canvas is unique as it needs to be stretched over a wooden frame to remove wrinkles. The print is made with a wide border that wraps around the edges of the stretcher frame for back stapling.


Stretcher frame sizes

Prints on the - inch deep stretcher frame are suitable for inserting in a frame or hanging without a frame. Prints on the 1" deep stretcher frame are meant to be hung without a traditional frame and the finished product is also referred to as a -Gallery Wrap-.


Tips and Hints to get the best from your canvas prints!

When selecting your photo for a canvas print please ensure that the main subject(s) are well within the centre of the page, therefore ensuring that they are not wrapped around the edges of the canvas print.

If your photo's subject(s) are close to the edges you can select A/ white edge so that you do not lose your photo's content in the wrapping. Your canvas print will contain a white border that appears around the edge of canvas frame, or B/ a mirror image of a portion of the image on the face.


Canvas dimensions

3/4" Frame Friendly

1 3/4" Gallery Wrap

Stretcher Frame*

Stretcher Frame*



















Over 30x40 or different shapes

.30c per sq inch

.32c per sq inch




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