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Film processing

We have been processing conventional film from 35MM, APS and 120 medium format for about 20 years. Our lab handles color film, black and white film and slides (E-6). We print either Glossy or matte, with or without borders. Our Studio-quality prints are individually-inspected to insure consistent results. We can also output digital files to CD in 3 different file sizes - suitable for prints or easy e-mailing.


E-6 Slide Processing

Photocare are the official Fuji E-6 Lab in Ireland, processing all pre paid Fuji Sensia Film, to professional standards, through a Technolab E-6 dip and dunk processor.


We scan slides to CD's or DVD's in high resolution. File size can be up to 28MB per image. We can scan from 35mm, 120/220.


Prints from Negatives and Slides

35mm and 120 film Prints from 4x6 to 12x18 inches are made on our Fuji Frontier Digital Labs, and prints up to 44-x 96" inches are produced on Fuji Hunt Photo Papers using our Epson. Printers, non fade pigmented inks, through our Onyx RIP to producing rich colour and long life


Brilliant colors and fine detail for your best shots. Also great or for special occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.