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Memory Card Recovery


Loss of photos from your media card can be a traumatic experience.


If this happens, immediately quit using it. Data loss may have been caused by removing the card while the camera or other device is reading or writing, loss of power during operation, failure to initially format the card, or a faulty card.


There are a variety of tools to correct this problem. We have invested in a number of them. In more cases than not, images can be found and extracted from your card. While expensive, this service can salvage many treasured memories.



Initial Set Up -10 - paid in advance

This covers using multiple programs to determine if data exists and successful extraction can be performed. If it is not possible, we will stop and there is no additional cost.


Successful Recovery

-29 plus 10c per image recovery

Covers extraction and recovery of all usable picture files on memory card.

Includes archiving to a CD or DVD.