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Save all your old photos for the next generation, and share your archive with all the family


Your prints are scanned in a special automated scanner that gives a finished product consisting of digital files on a data CD or DVD (your choice). The CD or DVD can be played on most home DVD players or the digital files can be displayed on your computer. Shoebox Scans are at 300 dpi (at the size of the original photo) and are saved as .jpg files. You can use these digital files to build a DVD slide show or a web site, make photo books, or send photos by e-mail.


Fixed Price Special Deal


Up to 500 Photos - only -99

Up to 1000 Photos - only -149

Auto correct the quality to improve faded images - -29 extra

Extra CD copies - -10 each - great gift for family and friends


More info

Which prints can be scanned this way?

Photographic prints must be at least 2.5 x 3.5 inches and no bigger than 8 x 10 inches to be scanned at Shoebox Scan special pricing. Photos must be un-mounted, not torn or bent, and they must be free of Post-It notes, tape, staples and adhesives. Photos that have been stored in adhesive albums (the ones with the clear peel away cover sheet), as well as thick Polaroid and Kodak instant prints will not feed through our scanner.


We can only scan loose prints so they must be removed from albums. Prints will be scanned as presented so they must be face up and rotated as you want them.